Look what we bought!

Dublin airport with luggage to go out to WHUATI

It was time to show the rest of the family, My wife Hannah and daughter Áine what myself and Josh had spent all the money on. So we packed up as much as we could carry on our first trip and set off the Dublin airport. As December is outside the holiday season we had to fly to Athens via Milan Bergamo, two flights with a tight changeover. We were all excited to leave the cold winter weather behind in Ireland and go to Greece. I did have some worries as Hannah had only seen pictures of our new boat, that myself and Josh decided it would be a good idea to empty a large amount of cash from our bank account to pay for. Would she like it?

Jay and Áine at Dublin airport ready to fly to Greece

It was a long exhausting trip out to Nidri, Lefkada. Two flights, Dublin to Milan Burgamo, then another flight out to Athens. This was followed by a 5 hour drive in a hire car from Athens to Nidri. It was 2 am when we arrived and we were all glad to get to the apartment we had rented and some turn in for some much needed sleep. In the morning we woke to a bright sunshine and a fantastic view from the balcony; what a plesent change from the cold wet December weather we had left behing in Ireland.

View towards Vliho Bay from apartment

View of Tranquil Bay & Skorpios from apartment

The first order of the day was to find breakfast, but most of the restaurants and shops were closed due to being out of season, Nidri was like a ghost town. We found a bakery open where we purchased coffee and cheese pie to start the day. Sitting outside eating breakfast on a December morning in warm bright sunshine overlooking Vliho Bay, we all knew this place something special so peaceful and beautiful.
After breakfast we went to Vliho Boatyard to show Hannah and Áine WHUATI for the first time. Thankfully they both really liked our new boat! The team from Horatio Todd’s had been working on the boat and had taken the hull back to gel-coat and painted wit epoxy primer. We now had the long task of going through all the lockers and stowage areas in the boat and cataloging all the equipment left on-board. Hannah and Áine were hard at work inside while myself and Josh cleaned the decks and cockpit and went through the boat listing work required to be done. After several hours we had 3 A4 pages of job lists, so much for relaxing in the sun sailing in clear blue waters. Over the next 9 days we all worked none stop cleaning, repairing, upgrading, rewiring and so many other tasks that needed doing. Don’t get me wrong as overall WHUTI was in great shape, but she had not been used for 3 years and was in need of some TLC. It was becoming clear that we were not going to complete all the list of jobs on this visit so we booked flights to come back out to Greece again in January. We re-seated hatches, replaced breaker switches, ordered many new parts and upgrades and our list grew and grew. (We will include a special upgrades blog post with details at a later date when we have completed most of the upgrade work).

Hull sanded and epoxy primed

Josh in Nidri Marine, we were here often!

Josh re-seating a hatch, no leaks now 🙂

Our 10 day trip went so fast and all too soon it was time to make the long trip back to Ireland again, only to make things harder on the return journey we had a 13 hour wait in Milan Bergamo between flights. This visit to WHUATI as a complete family was a fantastic experience, we are all so excited to get here launched and in the water where she belongs.

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