Dream becomes reality

Dreams of secluded anchorages

I suppose we should start at the very beginning. I have been sailing since I was 7 years old in one form or another. Starting out racing a mirror dinghy at Dracote Water Sailing Club close to Rugby, UK. Then moving up to larger dinghies and eventually getting the chance to sail yachts. My first yacht sail being an invite aboard a Moody 36 to sail from Pool Harbour over to Alderney, Chanel Islands, then onto Cherbourg, France and back to Pool. From that moment I was hooked on passage making in the open sea. I worked as an RYA sailing and windsurfing instructor for several years and chartered yachts in the Greek Islands, further increasing my desire to sail larger boats in the open sea.
The years rolled by with less sailing, more working, marriage, children and even a relocation to Ireland. I chartered another yacht just for a long weekend one summer to take my family sailing for a few days on Lough Derg, Ireland and the decision was made to look at buying our own boat. As we live inland, over an hour from the closest coast we decided to look at a trailer sailor. After much research and the kids wanting a motor boat we compromised and started searching the internet for a MacGregor 26. Our first boat was “Eclipse”, a MacGregor 26X that we sailed both inland and in coastal waters.

Eclipse, our MacGregor 26X, much missed

We had great enjoyment sailing Eclipse, the MacGregor 26 is a truly versatile boat, but as a family of 4 and with our son Josh being 6’5″ space was a little cramped after 4 or 5 days aboard. Sadly we decided to sell Eclipse as the funds are required to make our dream a reality.
Now the search for our new boat begins…..

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