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Decision to go for it

The time came where we made up our minds that we could, with some planning take up to 6 months away from work, (with some remote working) and home tutor our daughter for a couple of months either side of her summer holidays. Josh, our son, had finished his business degree and was now available to take the reigns of our business and keep things running while we are away. The timing was right and we decided to bring our retirement plans forward while we are young and fit enough to go for it! Our dream was to purchase a sailing boat large enough to live-aboard for several months at a time. The next decision is where to sail. We decided on the Mediterranean for its beauty, warm sunny weather, a welcome change from the rain in Ireland and the none tidal waters make things all the easier. The plan is to start in either Spain or Greece and with no set time limit or schedule make our way to the Ionian Sea to sail the Greek Ionian Islands. Once we have sailed the Ionian Islands, which could be months or even years, the whole point is no schedule, to sail up the east coast of Italy to Venice and eventually over to Croatia then turn south to sail through the islands off the west coast of Croatia.

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